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The True Story of Counterfeit
Have you ever wondered just how replica Chanel products are so cheap? And why they are so cheap? If you are a consumer who believes there is nothing wrong with buying knock-off Chanel handbags then this post should be highly important to you. Would you still buy that fake Chanel if you knew that a child in a poor country created it? Not only that, but they were paid a bowl of rice or a penny per bag. Let me inform you about how counterfeit companies really work.
There are a lot of factors that go into creating a replica Chanel product of any kind. First the fraudulent company must find materials. These materials are often cheap, low-quality, and may have tears or stains on them. These materials are usually found at fabric warehouses in poorer countries where it’s easy to buy by the bulk. Then they must find laborers who are willing to work for cheap. There have been reported cases in which a counterfeit company had been using child laborers. They were forcing them to work for less than five cents a day with long hours. This is neither moral nor fair and these companies should be found out and charged. The last and most important step is to find a customer who is easily manipulated therefore easy to conn.
Does this sound like a company you want to support? Because that is exactly what you are doing when you purchase replica Chanel products. You are not only supporting a counterfeit company, but also helping a criminal get away with their crimes. In reality the only person who is benefiting from knock-off Chanel is the counterfeit company who is illegally selling them. You as the consumer end up with a trashy product that will only fall apart within the week, Chanel loses a sale and perhaps a customer along with having their logo and designs stolen, and the workers who slave away creating replica Chanel’s get paid next to nothing while the fraud is left with a nice handful of cash in his pocket.
I hope by reading this article you have a change of heart and can see that nothing good comes from replica Chanel’s. My advice to you is save up your money and purchase an authentic Chanel product; trust me it is worth every penny. If you purchase a counterfeit Chanel it’s probably worth less than five dollars.