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Replica Chanel’s are a Burden

Imagine this:  You just bought (or so you think) the deal of the century.  You just received an authentic Chanel luggage set for half the price they originally are.  It’s great timing too because you are about to go on Spring Break.  As soon as you get home you pack up all the right bathing suits, scandals, and accessories you can fit in the Chanel luggage set.  You set out to meet up with your friends and catch the plane to Hawaii.

As you load your luggage onto the cart you realize the clasp looks a little dinged up.  Of course you don’t think anything of it because you did get a great deal on it.  As you board the plane and take your seat you look out the window and view the luggage cart rolling toward the plane.  You see the handle of your bag (which is holding the bag to the cart) snap.  You then see that the bag flies open and your stuff is thrown everywhere.

This situation could have been avoided if this shopper had been aware of the dangers of buying replica Chanel products.  She was obviously conned into purchasing a knock-off Chanel luggage set being led to believe it was authentic.  Any number of things could be wrong with a fake Chanel product including: snags, tears, and broken clasps or zippers.  These are just a few of the potential problems you may have if you purchase a replica Chanel product of any kind.

Replica Chanel’s have these problems because they are made out of low-quality, inexpensive materials.  Usually zippers or clasps are made out of plastic with a metal coating, or cheap metals.  Often times these cheap metals break very easily or cause allergic reactions to those who buy knock-off Chanel watches.  To avoid becoming like this consumer you should be aware of your surrounds and only buy Chanel products form the authentic Chanel store or website.

By educating yourself about the dangers of buying replica Chanel’s and the dangers of counterfeit companies you will be less likely to be conned into purchasing such a heinous product.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind next time you are shopping.

  1. Do not buy Chanel’s from any unknown or unsubstantiated marketplace or stand.
  2. If the deal sounds too good to be true it most likely is; don’t be a fool.
  3. Never give out your personal information, such as credit card numbers, to strangers who may be trying to sell you a replica Chanel.
  4. Don’t trust people so easily; there are counterfeiters everywhere trying to sell a consumer their fake Chanel goods.
  5. Only buy Chanel’s from the authentic Chanel store or website.

By keeping these tips in mind you will be less likely to be conned into purchasing a knock-off Chanel.