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Replica Chanel Story Time

Imagine this: You just received your bonus paycheck, and another bonus is school just let out and summer has finally begun. Of course this money is burning a hole in your pocket and you’re dying to buy a new summer handbag. Since you’ve been trying to save money you decide to go online to see if you can find any better deals. Since your favorite designer is Chanel you begin there. At first you begin to browse the web while nothing catches your eye until you stumble across this beautiful, leather, pastel pink small Chanel handbag. It’s perfect you think. You immediately hit the buy now button located at the bottom of the screen. You give your credit card number and realize you’ve saved enough to spend a little extra on expedite shipping.

Two days later you receive a box in the mail. You greedily tear open the package as if two days has been a lifetime, only to find a small clutch similar to the picture but not what you ordered. This bag is dirty, smells funny, and isn’t even pastel pink; more of a gray pink. Immediately you check for a receipt, which you find none, then head back to your computer to make a complaint to the company. Only problem is they have no contact information; not even an email. You begin to feel despair because you start to connect the dots and realize you’ve been scammed and have received nothing more than a trashy replica Chanel handbag.

Although this story is fictional, sadly a situation like this happens daily to a consumer somewhere around the world. Counterfeit companies have grown to become very popular and they are conning anyone they can get their hands on. Unfortunately this could easily happen to you if you are not careful about where you are buying your Chanel products from. The World Wide Web has taken over and become a part of our everyday lives. If you’re not careful you can not only be conned into purchase a dingy fake Chanel handbag, but also have your personal information stolen. When shopping online you should always shop at the official Chanel website. Otherwise who knows what kind of product you will end up.

Often times if you receive a counterfeit Chanel product in the mail you will not receive a refund or a replacement product. You will only be stuck with an empty wallet and a trashy, fake Chanel to show for it. I hope you take my advice and pay attention where you shop online. Stray away from websites that claim to be selling authentic Chanel handbags for half the price because this is most likely a scam.