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Replica Chanel Bags Are a Scam

Have you ever closely examined a replica Chanel handbag?  If you had you would most likely see many small details that are wrong with it.  There may be tears or stains on the materials used.  Zippers and clasps may be broken or rusted, and the Chanel logo may just not look how it usually does.  This is what counterfeit companies do on a daily basis.  They illegally produce and sell replica Chanel products to vulnerable consumers.  Although, some replicas are done very well, others are obviously fake Chanel’s.  As a consumer you should be aware of the dangers of purchasing knock-off Chanel goods and the dangers of counterfeit companies.  This blog is just what you need and will help you become an aware, smart shopper.

To become a smart shopper you must first know everything there is to know about replica Chanel’s.  Replica Chanel’s are a danger to not only you but also your community and Chanel.  There are many ways counterfeit companies go about creating their replica Chanel product.  Usually they study designer Chanel to figure out the style and then they create a knock-off, modernized version of it.  Notice that the knock-off Chanel is in no way better than an authentic Chanel.

The next step is for counterfeiters to fin cheap fabrics to use to create their replica Chanel’s.  Usually these fabrics are bought in bulk and are often time’s fake and damaged before the product is even made.  Clasps and zippers will not be made out of strong, durable metals but instead plastic with a shiny coating.  Sometimes they are made out of copper or other cheap metals that will only rust or fall apart.

The final step is to convince a consumer that they are getting a great deal on an authentic Chanel handbag and sell them a replica Chanel at an outrageous price.  If you paid more than ten dollars for a fake Chanel handbag then you’ve paid entirely way too much.  Why waste your money on a cheap, tacky replica Chanel when you could save your money and own an authentic Chanel?  As the consumer you need to be aware of the signs that you are about to purchase from a counterfeiter.

  1. If they are selling their products in the street or at a market they are counterfeiters selling you replica Chanel.
  2. If they have a website with no authentic contact information then they are counterfeiters.
  3. If they try to manipulate you in any way to purchase their knock-off Chanel products then they are counterfeiters.

Keep these three facts in mind next time you shop for your next Chanel handbag and you will not be fooled!