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Don’t Let This Happen to You
Hello readers, warning: do not turn away from this blog just yet. There is important information you need to know as a consumer if you shop for Chanel products. If you skim by this, and think you know about replica Chanel’s, the following story may happen to you.
Picture this: You’ve been single for a while now, and just recently met a guy you really think has potential. He invites you to a great dinner date to a very fancy, exclusive restaurant. You already have the perfect look, but now you need a great perfume.
You’ve loved Chanel’s products before, and your best friend just happens to wear Chanel No. 5. Unfortunately she is out of town for the weekend. You decide to make a quick run to the nearby thrift and marketplace where your co-worker has scored some great deals on designer products. You’ve already spent a good majority of your paycheck and decide the mall is a bad idea.
What you aren’t aware of is the fact that every so called ‘designer’ product sold there is a fake, cheap, knock-off version of the real deal. You end up finding just what you were looking for, and better yet the salesman offers you a great deal. You rush home spritz some on and jump in the car. On the way to your date you notice a strange, pungent odor; something along the lines of Nyquil. As soon as you get to your date you hug and begin dinner. You realize there is a strange odor lingering, but decide to ignore it. The date goes well other than the ending in which you did not receive a goodbye kiss or hug. In fact the guy seemed kind of distant and glad to be getting far away from you.
Can you guess what happens the next day at work? A co-worker informed you that your date was disgusted by your smell. Have you connected the puzzle yet?
This could easily happen to you if you are not educated about the dangers of counterfeit Chanel products. I don’t think anyone wants to end up with a smelly perfume that smells like Nyquil. But that is exactly what you are going to get when you buy knock-off Chanel perfume. Often time’s counterfeiters will fill an empty Chanel No. 5 bottle with random chemicals to sell to consumers; they will then keep on hand an authentic Chanel No.5 for consumers to smell. Counterfeiting is a very tricky business, which is why you as the consumer need to be an aware, smart shopper. You can always shop safely at the official Chanel website or store. That is the safest way to buy your Chanel products, and the only way to ensure that you don’t receive a replica Chanel instead.