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Counterfeit is the Name of the Game

Counterfeiting is the art of illegally replicating something, selling it, and profiting from it.  This is often time’s done with Chanel products.  Counterfeit companies will create replica Chanel’s and sell them to innocent, vulnerable consumers everywhere around the world.  A replica is something made to look similar to the original.  Notice how I used the word similar; not the word same.  Replica Chanel’s only look similar to authentic Chanel’s; in no way are they the same.  By becoming educated about the dangers of counterfeit companies and the dangers of fake Chanel products you will be less likely to be that vulnerable consumer who is conned into purchasing such heinous products.

Counterfeit traffickers can be found anywhere in the world.   There could even be a counterfeiter selling knock-off Chanel handbags in your area.  It has started as an illegal trade and has become more and more dangerous.  More times than not, counterfeiters are involved with other dangerous crimes including: tax evasion, identity theft, and organized crime groups.  These crimes can all potentially hurt you and your community.

When a counterfeiter commits tax evasion this means they are not paying their taxes to run a business, or taxing the products they are selling.  This does not allow money to go back towards the community in any way.  Communities have taxes in order for things to be paid for such as parks, new construction, and play grounds.  These are all essential things to have in your community, but when a counterfeiter is selling fake Chanel’s he is stealing that away from you.

There have been numerous reported cases of identity or credit card theft. This is why you should never purchase anything online unless you’ve done your research and get informed first.  Not only could having your personal information stolen affect you, but also your family and loved ones.

Buying knockoff Chanel goods financially supports criminal networks and all of their other chosen crimes.  Many counterfeiters are involved with organized terrorist or crime groups. A good portion of the money made from replicas goes towards these kinds of crime groups.  Buying a fake Chanel handbag hands over money to them.  In order to help stop the crimes, stay aware, have knowledge, inform others of the looming harms that can surface with money given over to replica traffickers.  This will help you to never become a victim of replica traffickers.