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Counterfeit Companies and Their Illegal Ways

Most people are probably aware that there are replica Chanel products being marketed everywhere around the world.  The people/persons who are selling these fake Chanel’s are called counterfeiters and counterfeit companies.  Counterfeit companies sell counterfeit or replica Chanel products.  Counterfeit goods are goods that are illegally sold and illegally made.  Replica goods are items illegally made to look similar to its original but usually a much cheaper version of it.

There are many factors that go into the workings of a counterfeit company. All aspects of the replica business can usually be described as illegally and immorally distasteful.

The first step is to find materials to create their replica Chanel products.  These materials must be cheap but look real or authentic to the consumer who is unfamiliar with fabrics.  Because of this fake Chanel’s are usually made out of faux leather, faux silk, and cheap metals.  Usually counterfeit companies buy these materials from fabric warehouses in smaller, foreign countries that have less strict laws about counterfeiting.  This is a key step that will help increase counterfeiters profitability because the materials they’ve used are cheap.

The next step is to find cheap laborers who are willing to work for next to nothing.  Less wages to pay means more profits for the counterfeiter. Different countries have different labor laws, and chances are replica factories will be sought and established in regions with looser laws.

The last step is to find a buyer for their replicas. This is often times done in thrift marketplaces or online at illegitimate websites.  Considering that the internet is part of our everyday lives replica dealers might see it as an easy to use tool. Selling online could be seen as a quick and dirty way to find vulnerable online shoppers looking for a sale.  A helpful tip is to only shop online at the official Chanel website.  You should also only shop at the official Chanel store or stores that sell authentic Chanel.  Do not buy your Chanel products from a sketchy stand in an alleyway because it is going to be a knock-off Chanel.