Exactly what could it be that leads a CHANEL Flap Bag to be an object of such great beauty? A CHANEL Flap Bag is legendary, filled with history and sustaining fascination. As part of recognizing the 50th anniversary of the CHANEL Classic Flap Bag, the innovative reissue by Karl Lagerfeld of the CHANEL 2.55 Chain Bag features an all chain handle, double flap closure, and mademoiselle lock. The stunning CHANEL Classic Flap Bag is one of the most celebrated CHANEL Handbags to grace any wardrobe.

Probably largely due to the popularity of the CHANEL Flap Bag, many replicas, also known as knockoffs or fakes, have emerged on the internet. Knockoff Chanel handbags are not products of CHANEL, but are often strictly products of counterfeiters who have no regard for the high standards of genuine CHANEL. Fake Chanel handbags are being sold online at “affordable” or “low” prices, often with low quality to match.

A replica Chanel bag is often of very poor quality. The materials and construction used in a replica bag are often of noticeably low quality. More specifically, the low quality is often evident in its uneven stitching, low stitch count, loose threads, sticky zippers, thin leather, featherweight chain strap, and loosely attached hardware. As a result, a fake Chanel bag will often prove to yield a very short lifespan. For genuine quality, visit the CHANEL boutiques and