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Replica Chanel’s Do Not Make Good Holiday Presents Now that the holidays are approaching (which I hope everyone has already finished their holiday shopping) consumers really need to be on their guard when it comes to knockoff Chanel products. During this holiday season you don’t want to be that consumer who ends up with a fake Chanel handbag for their niece. This would not only be embarrassing but also a huge disappointment for your niece.  Some of you may ask why a replica Chanel handbag is such a bad idea.  Well that is why I am here, to inform you  [ Read More ]

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Replica Chanel Bags Are a Scam Have you ever closely examined a replica Chanel handbag?  If you had you would most likely see many small details that are wrong with it.  There may be tears or stains on the materials used.  Zippers and clasps may be broken or rusted, and the Chanel logo may just not look how it usually does.  This is what counterfeit companies do on a daily basis.  They illegally produce and sell replica Chanel products to vulnerable consumers.  Although, some replicas are done very well, others are obviously fake Chanel’s.  As a consumer you should be  [ Read More ]

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Online Shoppers Be Alert The World Wide Web has become a major part of our every day lives.  There are many consumers in this modern generation who shop online.  Online shopping allows for convenience and usually more options than if you were in the store.  But are those who are frequent online shoppers aware that there is a danger?  Chanel products are a very popular high-end, fashion brand.  Often times it’s easier to buy Chanel’s online than to find a location near you, but are you aware of the thousands of replica Chanel’s that are being sold online to vulnerable  [ Read More ]

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Key Things Every Consumer Needs to Know Greetings to all of you fashion consumers out in the world.  I know you all probably know the name brand Chanel and most of you most likely love it.  Well if you are ahead of the trends and love to shop high-end fashion then Chanel is the brand for you, but did you know there can be dangers when it comes to purchasing fake Chanel products?  That danger is more commonly known as replica Chanel. Replicas could be found anywhere around the world.  There may even be a counterfeiter selling near you.  Consumers  [ Read More ]

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Chanel Lovers Around the World Beware Hello All, This is an educational blog about the dangers of replicas.  I know there are many of you out there who love Chanel’s brand and product line.  If you are any kind of fashion guru then you most likely adore Chanel.  Are you aware that Chanel handbags are the third highest replicated product?  News flash!  Buying Chanel products can potentially be very dangerous if you are not a cautious, smart shopper who is aware of the dangers of counterfeit companies and fake Chanel.  If you need a little refresher about counterfeiters and replica  [ Read More ]

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Chanel, Chanel, Chanel You think you may know Chanel’s company, but did you know they begin as a perfume company. Their popular Chanel No. 5 perfume is still a top seller in department stores around the world. They began dabbing their feet into women’s apparel later on. Chanel has always been about luxurious, elegant, and sophisticated styles for women everywhere. Now that you know a little background history about Chanel, let’s discuss reasons why an authentic Chanel product is superior to a replica Chanel product. Don’t stop reading just yet; this isn’t just another blog about replicas. This is an  [ Read More ]

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Who Wants to Shop? Do you like to go shopping for luxurious, elegant products? Why do people shop? Usually it’s to find something that will help stylize themselves and bring out their confident side. Consumers like to shop for products that will catch their eye or maybe match an outfit they may already have. Consumers shop to feel good about themselves and have an item of high-quality that they love. If you shop for any of these reasons then you most likely enjoy Chanel products. Do you know that there is a product out on the market that is destroying  [ Read More ]

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Don’t Let This Happen to You Hello readers, warning: do not turn away from this blog just yet. There is important information you need to know as a consumer if you shop for Chanel products. If you skim by this, and think you know about replica Chanel’s, the following story may happen to you. Picture this: You’ve been single for a while now, and just recently met a guy you really think has potential. He invites you to a great dinner date to a very fancy, exclusive restaurant. You already have the perfect look, but now you need a great  [ Read More ]

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Replica Chanel’s are a Burden Imagine this:  You just bought (or so you think) the deal of the century.  You just received an authentic Chanel luggage set for half the price they originally are.  It’s great timing too because you are about to go on Spring Break.  As soon as you get home you pack up all the right bathing suits, scandals, and accessories you can fit in the Chanel luggage set.  You set out to meet up with your friends and catch the plane to Hawaii. As you load your luggage onto the cart you realize the clasp looks  [ Read More ]

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Counterfeit is the Name of the Game Counterfeiting is the art of illegally replicating something, selling it, and profiting from it.  This is often time’s done with Chanel products.  Counterfeit companies will create replica Chanel’s and sell them to innocent, vulnerable consumers everywhere around the world.  A replica is something made to look similar to the original.  Notice how I used the word similar; not the word same.  Replica Chanel’s only look similar to authentic Chanel’s; in no way are they the same.  By becoming educated about the dangers of counterfeit companies and the dangers of fake Chanel products you  [ Read More ]