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Become a Pro at Spotting Replica Chanel
Have you ever wondered can someone even tell if I am carrying a knock-off Chanel handbag from an authentic Chanel? The answer is yes they can. Authentic Chanel products are made out of high-quality leathers, suede, silks, etc. while replica Chanel’s are made out of low-quality fabrics that will fall apart very easily. If you put a replica Chanel handbag side by side to an authentic Chanel handbag you will definitely be able to tell the difference. The replica will be more droopy and less stable while the authentic will stand up on its own and look great.
This is just one key indicator when it comes to comparing a fake Chanel to the real deal. There are numerous indicators buyers and shoppers look at to ensure that what they are receiving is an authentic Chanel. You can also easily become a pro at spotting a replica Chanel from a mile away. As long as you remember these key steps you will never have to worry about purchasing a knock-off Chanel ever again.
1. Where are you buying your Chanel products from? It should only be from the authentic Chanel store or website.
2. Does it look real? Examine the product you are purchasing and if there is absolutely anything wrong with it then it is most likely a fake Chanel.
3. Discounted? If you are buying a discounted Chanel it should be at a store that sells Chanel and is only discounted because it is out of season. If this is not the case then that so called discounted Chanel your about to buy is really a counterfeit Chanel.
4. What about the fabric? If you are unfamiliar with fabrics then you should go to a fabric store sometime and feel the difference between real leather and pleather. Feel what real suede and silk feels like, and use this to compare next time you buy a Chanel product. If it feels cheap it is probably a replica Chanel.
5. How about the metals? Some metals can be hard to distinguish between good or bad unless you are a metal expert. You can always check to see if it’s real metal by its weight and temperature. If it is heavy and cold it’s a real metal, if it’s light and room temperature then it’s plastic.
If you follow these steps next time you shop for that perfect Chanel handbag then you will be able to ensure your safety and happiness by knowing what is real and what is fake. You can also continue doing research about replica Chanel’s and the counterfeit companies that sell them. The more you know the better off you will be. And remember if it smells like a replica, and looks like a replica then it is a replica.